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The-WolverineFox said tonight that Fantastic Four 2 — the sequel to its reboot of the comic book quartet that doesn’t hit theaters for another 15 months — will bow on July 14, 2017,  and the next Wolverine pic will arrive March 3, 2017. The studio also booked July 13, 2018, for an undisclosed Marvel film.

Fox Reveals “Fantastic Four” Cast

Fantastic Four Cast

Miles Teller, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell will join Michael B. Jordan in the latest installment in the comicbook franchise.

Mara recently closed a deal to play play Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman. While no offer is out yet, Bell is expected to be tapped to play Ben Grimm/The Thing. Teller has an offer to play Reid Richards/Mr. Fantastic, but deal points are a little further away from being completed.

Teller and Mara have been on Fox’s radar since they were expected to test in November — events that were pushed when Simon Kinberg came on for the last polish on the script.

Bell came into the mix after Fox resumed screen tests.

Jordan has been attached for some time to play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch.

Based on the comic “The Ultimate Fantastic Four,” the contemporary update will focus on the characters as young men and women. Josh Trank will helm the pic with Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn and Gregory Goodman serving as producers.

With its four leads on board, Fox will now try to find its villain and hopes to test a handful of actors in the coming weeks.

“The Fantastic Four” is slated to bow June 19, 2015.

Source: Variety

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The Fantastic Four are… Doomed! Dr. Doom has taken on the power of Kang and Annihilus and is supreme ruler of the entire world. Good News: this is in the Doomed Universe. Bad News: our universe is next.

Published: January 15, 2014
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Karl Kesel
Cover Artist: Mark Bagley

One of the frustrations that I’ve always had with the Fantastic Four over the last several year is the constant use of the alternate reality. I decided to follow volume 2 of the Fantastic Four. I’m not sure I’m any more a fan of the FF than I was before. For me, Matt Fraction’s best story lines were the ones that dealt primarily about the family. But when Fraction was taken off the book to take over the Inhumans, volume 2 felt like it was cut too short.

Fantastic Four #16 is the finale issue of the series. Mr. Fantastic discovers that his team is slowly deteriorating and decides to take everyone on a family vacation, while at the same time hunts for a cure. There were some great stories, but it all leads to an alternate reality story line.

In the finally, we discover that every reality has a combination of Dr. Doom, Annihilus and Kang. But at the same time, all realities have a Fantastic Four to balance the power.

Now, we find the Fantastic Four in the reality of old Johnny Storm from the FF series and in working with the Fantastic Four of that reality, can they defeat Dr. Doom, the Annihilating Conqueror.

This issue is a double size. The first half is wrapping up the storyline and bringing redemption to old Johnny Storm. The second half, drawn by Mike Allred, where both story lines of Fantastic Four and FF are brought to an end.

There is also a touching moment when we find out that the Watcher talks about having a family and we get to meet his pregnant wife. The epilogue with the Watcher and his family leaves you feeling good about the Marvel Universe and the hopes for great things with the Watcher and his family for years to come.

The Verdict


The Good: Mark Bagley Cover | A touching look at the family of the Watcher

The Bad: Alternate Reality Story | Short end

FantasticFour041Although it benefits the Marvel Comics reader, the insane publishing schedule at Marvel means that your favorite writers, artist, inkers and so on can’t possible meet the demands of Marvel Now titles coming out twice a month.

Matt Fraction announced that he’s leaving Fantastic Four and FF to focus on Inhumanity, featuring the Inhumans, and Hawkeye.

Cover by Mike Allred

Cover by Mike Allred

FF will be taken over by current artist and now co-writer Michael Allred and his brother, Lee Allred.

Fantastic Four will not be written by Karl Kesel and continue to be drawn awesomely by Mark Bagley.

It is expected that the writer will continue to use Matt Fraction’s original plots to develop stories and as the Fantastic Four are still on “vacation” trying to find a cure of what is killing them. And FF will follow Ant-Man, Medusa, She-Hulk and Miss Thing as they oversee the young students at the Future Foundation.

Fantastic Four Issue 10

The Fantastic Four on still on their family “vacation” and this week they visit Benjamin Franklyn and Thomas Jefferson in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.

Published: July 17, 2013
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Mark Bagley

What I like about this issue is that it’s not just the typical Fantastic Four travel back in time an observe history and save it from aliens. This issue has that but really begins to confront the whole reason for the trip.

As you know, the real reason that Richards family is on vacation is because each member of the Fantastic Four is dying and it’s their powers that are killing themselves. Reed’s power is causing his body to collapse, Ben is slowing turning into a hulk-like rage monster, Sue is losing her ability to control her invisibility to the point we can now start seeing her digestive system in action. No one knows what is going to happen to Johnny, although there may be hints in the FF book.

Now the secret is out to everyone and Johnny, Val and Franklin are upset. Upset because they are the last to know and this guise of a family vacation is now discovered to be a mission for Reed.

What I like about this issue is that the main story is now moving forward. The reason for the vacation, the tie-ins to the adventures starting at issue 1. And now the family tension that will make the interactions between parent and child more difficult.

We also starting getting a glimpse of the frustration of Val and Franklin and they slowing begin to distrust Reed and Sue more and more. You just can’t pull a fast one over on really intelligent kids.

The Verdict


The Good: The main story is finally moving forward | The changed family dynamic when parents hide things from kids | Bagley’s art

Superior Spider-Man 10Here’s what I’m reading this week, what about you?

  • Uncanny X-Men #6 – I’ve never been a fan of story dealing in the magical realm, but I’m so engaged in the Uncanny X-Men story.
  • Fantastic Four #8
  • Uncanny Avengers #8
  • Superior Spider-Man #10 – Peter Parker is gone. He’s not coming back. How will Doc Ock turnout without his ghostly Jiminy Cricket.

Finally a week that’s light on the wallet.