About Secret City Geek Lab

The Secret City Comics Society Geek Lab is a discussion of all things geek and geek culture. This site is the preamble to bigger and more exciting things.

Listen to the Secret City Geek Lab on KTSTfm.com on Wednesday at 7:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Geek Lab currently reflects the views and opinions of Editor-In-Chief Alan Ng. Geek Lab is currently looking for new members of the editorial staff. If you think of yourself as a fan of any aspect of geek culture and you can express yourself in words, please contact us at geeklab@secretcitycomedy.com.

Secret City Geek Lab Staff

Alan Ng – Editor-In-Chief | Radio Program Producer/Announcer

Davey Linam – Video Game Expert & Radio Show Contributor

Dimithri Perera – Comic Book Expert & Radio Show Contributor

Joey Shope – Video Game Expert, Movie Review and Radio Show Contributor

Will Acker – Movie and Television Reviewer and Radio Show Contributor

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