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Disney Ultimate Tweet

Earlier this morning, Disney Parks shared a tweet that truly featured 140 characters to officially announce the latest Disney Parks bicoastal, All-Night Extravaganza on Memorial Day Weekend – the traditional start of the family travel season. Our “Rock Your Disney Side Party” will be a fun-filled 24-hour event at both Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

At this year’s All-Night Extravaganza, everyone is being invited to show their “Disney Side” by dressing as a favorite Disney hero or villain. The Magic Kingdom Park in Florida and Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park in California will be filled with Disney heroes and villains from 6 a.m., May 23 to 6 a.m., May 24, 2014, local time.

The celebration on both coasts will feature a cavalcade of events showcasing the good-vs.-evil of classic Disney stories including character meet-and-greets throughout the parks, special entertainment, event merchandise and special food and beverage offerings.

Original Sin - WatcherMarvel Comics recently held a press conference about the next big Marvel Events – Original Sin. The press conference featured writer Jason Aaron and Senior Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort.

What is Original Sin?

Original sin is an eight issue comic book event spanning the entire Marvel Universe. Writer Aaron describes it as a murder mystery that spans the entire Marvel Universe. Unlike past Marvel Events, Original Sin is not a cosmic event where world collide, but it’s an event that will touch every mainstream Marvel character in a deeply personal and emotion way.

Original Sin Issue 1 starts on the moon where the Watcher, Uatu, is found dead and discovered by Thor. When Captain America, original Nick Fury and the Avengers arrive, they discover that Alien technology has been stolen and the eyes of the Watcher have been removed and stolen as well.

What the eyes of the Watcher store are every secret and skeleton in the Marvel Universe and the killer will reveal these secrets in a giant bomb of information. Brevoort describes is as the worst secret held by TSA and TMZ. Watch exactly did the Watcher see and witness over the years.

Issue 2 ignites an explosion of information and its revelations will have a profound impact on everyone.

The eight issues of Original Sin will solve the murder mystery of “Who Killed the Watcher.” Who has the eyes? Why does he/she want all these secret exposed?  It is one complete story and you do not have to read the tie-ins.

There will be two teams of investigators. The public team will consist of Captain America, Nick Fury and the Avengers. They will follow the clues from the deepest caverns of earth to the far reaches of the cosmos, as well as a trip to alternate universes.

While the public follows the Avengers, there will also be secret team of investigators. Unlikely heroes will pair up including: Emma frost and Ant-Man, Winter Soldier and Gamora, Dr. Strange and Punisher. Who dares team-up with Deadpool?

What will happen in the tie-ins?

While the 8-issue core story attempts to solve the murder. The tie-in books will involve the repercussions of his secrets revealed. Every major character will have to face the question, what happens when your worst secret is revealed. The revelations of these secrets will change the life of every Marvel characters in a drastic way. It may change the way characters relate and feel about themselves and one another going forward.

For example, Captain America will learn that someone close to him has tampered with his memories and he doesn’t know who it is. Spider-man learns that someone else was bit by the same spider-man at the lab from issue 1. The identity of this character will be revealed and takes us on a journey to the very beginning of Spider-Man.

Thor, who discovers the Watcher’s body, his secret will impact not only his own book but the Loki series as well. Other stories include Nova, Fantastic Four and Deadpool. No mainstay will be left untouched.

Other revelations

Regarding Nick Fury, now that his son is taking more of a prominent role in S.H.I.E.L.D., Will this this be a swan song for the old Nick Fury? Breevort cryptically says if you want to feel this way, then feel this way.

The story of Original Sin has been floating around the Marvel offices since Fear Itself. When delving into the deepest, darketest secrets of the Marvel universe, editors had a concern that they might break a character too much. But that’s what makes compelling storytelling, creators were encouraged to head into dangerous territory and attack the core of who they are and what makes them who they are.

What secrets would be revealed? They were all discussed during the Marvel Retreats. It was up to creative team to give Aaron what secret they wanted revealed.

Watcher’s family will be addressed in Mighty Avengers tie-In.

Expect a big fight in issue 1 and another in issue 2.

8 issues twice a month from May to August, plus a zero issue about the Watcher and Nova by Mark Wade and Jim Cheung. It will reveal secrets about the Watcher and Nova perfect for anyone not familiar with the Watcher.

Why kill the Watcher? It was a compelling way to reveal the deepest darkest secrets of the Marvel Universe. There are two eyes and they will both come into play.

Issue #1 will have 8 variant covers from the best artist at Marvel.




ORIGINAL SIN #4 – Variant Cover by BUTCH GUICE


ORIGINAL SIN #6 – Variant Cover by PAUL RENAUD

ORIGINAL SIN #7 – Variant Cover by MIKE MCKONE

ORIGINAL SIN #8 – Variant Cover by JUNG-SIK AKN

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Captain America Winter Soldier

ABC is broadcasting an hour long special from Marvel Studios to air March 18, a few weeks before the premiere of Marvel’s latest feature, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

“Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe” promises to give fans a behind the scenes look at how the superhero movies are made and will include sneak peeks at “Winter Soldier” as well as “Guardians of The Galaxy” and “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

The special will promote the April 4 release of “Winter Soldier.” Marvel’s “Assembling a Universe” will air in the Tuesday 8 p.m. timeslot usually occupied by ABC’s frosh drama “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.”


Netflix has exclusive subscription video-on-demand rights to the Pokémon content, which will be available starting Saturday, March 1.

Under the Netflix deal with the Pokémon Co. Intl., the streaming service obtains exclusive rights to “Pokémon: Black & White” (pictured above), the 14th season of the animated series comprising 48 episodes, which will be available in all Netflix territories. In addition, the first season of the “Pokémon: Indigo League” series will be available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Ireland. That series introduces the world of Pokémon through Ash and his partner Pikachu as Ash strives to become a Pokémon Master.

Netflix also will add two movies, available in all territories: “Pokémon the Movie: Black – Victini and Reshiram” and “Pokémon the Movie: White – Victini and Zekrom.”

Despicable Me Universal Studios

Universal Studios Hollywood unveiled new details Tuesday of its next major attraction: a 3-D motion-simulator ride based on Universal Pictures’ 2010 movie “Despicable Me.”

Dubbed Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, the new ride, along with an interactive playland called Super Silly Fun Land, will open this spring at the site of the defunct attraction Terminator 2: 3D.

The new attraction follows an increasingly popular strategy among theme parks that install rides based on the characters and stories of blockbuster movies. The rides draw movie fans while theme parks generate hefty revenue from the sale of T-shirts and souvenirs.

In the new attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood, riders will wear 3-D glasses and sit in a vehicle that simulates drops, jumps and zig-zag turns as they try to complete a Minion training mission.

“The Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem ride will introduce guests to the same hilarious and heartwarming characters from the much adored film, but in a whole new way,” said Larry Kurzweil, president of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Jack BlackSony Pictures has set “Goosebumps,” starring Jack Black, for a March 23, 2016 release in the U.S. The film, based on the series of kids’ books by R.L. Stine, is directed by Rob Letterman and produced by Neal H. Moritz through his Original Film banner.

Dylan Minnette is the co-lead opposite Black. Story follows Minnette’s character, who moves from New York City to the small town of Greendale, Maryland and discovers that secretive neighbor is veteran young adult horror author R.L. Stine (Black). When all the many demons of Stine’s mind are set free by a demonic ventriloquist’s dummy, it’s up to Minnette’s character and Stine’s niece Hannah to deal with all the evil.

Kate BeckinsaleHollywood Reporter Exclusive:

Kate Beckinsale has boarded the Terry Jones-directed comedy Absolutely Anything which is prepping for a March 24 shoot start in London. She’ll star opposite Simon Pegg and joins a cast that also includes Robin Williams, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Eddie Izzard, Joanna Lumley and the Monty Python gang. Pegg plays a disillusioned school teacher who suddenly finds he has the ability to do anything he wishes, a challenge bestowed upon him by a group of power-crazed aliens watching from space. The aliens are voiced by Jones and his Python co-horts John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle and Michael Palin. Struggling with the new-found powers, he calls upon his loyal canine companion Dennis (voiced by Williams) to help him along the way. Mishap after mishap finally leads him to an ultimate conundrum: Should he choose the girl (Beckinsale) or the dog?

"Inside Llewyn Davis" Premiere - Arrivals - The 51st New York Film FestivalVariety Exclusive:

Sources tell Variety that while no deal is done yet, the “Girls” actor is close to signing on to play the villain in J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars: Episode VII.” Exact details are unknown, but the character is said to be in the vein of iconic “Star Wars” villain Darth Vader.

Driver, 30, is the first cast member to be revealed for Walt Disney Studios and LucasFilm’s highly-anticipated “Star Wars” installment, which will open in theaters on Dec. 18, 2015.

The big-budget tentpole, directed by J.J. Abrams, is scheduled to shoot at London’s Pinewood Studios in April. Additional cast members will likely be announced in the next month.

Abrams recently announced that the script he co-wrote with Lawrence Kasdan was finished and that they would begin zeroing in on casting decisions soon. Michael Arndt wrote the original draft, with Kasdan and Abrams taking over last fall.


After partnering with Warner Bros. on the French production “Les Reines Du Ring,” which was released theatrically in the country last summer, WWE Studios has acquired U.S. distribution and worldwide remake rights to the comedy.

Jean-Marc Rudnicki directed the film about a mother attempting to reconnect with her estranged son who is a passionate WWE fan. To grab her son’s attention, she embarks on a rigorous training program to become a WWE Diva and enlists her colleagues at a supermarket to join her journey to become the “Queens of the Ring.”

Fabrice Goldstein, Antoine Rein and Thomas Langmann (“The Artist”), produced the comedy, that starred Marilou Berry, Nathalie Baye, Andre Dussollier, Audrey Fleurot, and featured WWE stars Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and Eve Torres.

“We are excited to acquire distribution and remake rights to a wonderfully entertaining comedy like ‘Queens of the Ring,’” said Michael Luisi, president of WWE Studios. “This film gives WWE Studios the opportunity to introduce a feel good story to a broad audience, while serving up a film we know our core fans will also enjoy.”

Bradley Buchanan, senior VP of business affairs, negotiated the deal on behalf of WWE Studios.

Warner Bros. and WWE Studios are also behind “Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery,” out on homevideo on March 25, followed by an animated “Flintstones” film.

Upcoming projects for WWE Studios also include a big screen adaptation of the TV show “The Fall Guy” set to star Dwayne Johnson, with Hyde Park Entertainment; the Aaron Eckhart horror thriller “Incarnate,” with Blumhouse Prods.; sequels to “Jingle All the Way” and “The Marine” with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment; abd “Leprechaun: Origins,” starring WWE’s Hornswoggle, which Lionsgate will release in August, and the Soska Sisters’ “See No Evil 2″ in October.