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3D Poster

3D Poster

Selecting release dates for movie studios is like playing a game of chess. The Hobbit 3 is the latest movie to lose the game. Originally scheduled for a July 18, 2014 release date, the Peter Jackson film has been pushed back 5 months to December 17, 2014.

It’s probably a good move. First, it won’t go up against X-Men: Days of Future Past and it will also give the special effect heavy movie more to be perfect.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey brought in $979.9M last year. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be released on December 13, 2013.

Dane Cook as Dusty

Dane Cook as Dusty

Walt Disney Pictures revealed today that Dane Cook will star as Dusty, the Cropduster, in the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures, Planes. The role of Dusty was originally cast by Jon Cryer from Two and a Half Men.

Planes is the first Pixar spin-off movie that will not be produced by Pixar. John Lassiter will be the executive producer of the movie.

“Disney’s Planes” is an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure about Dusty’s dream of competing as a high-flying air racer—and his decidedly unfortunate fear of heights.

“Dane Cook brings unmatched charisma and brilliant comedic timing and instincts to the character,” said Planes director Klay Hall. “He gives Dusty a great edge.”

Click here to see the most recent trailer of Planes.

chris_cooper_a_pThe Hollywood Reporter breaks that Chris Cooper will be playing Norman Osborne in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie (Source).

He joins an already crowded starring cast of villians including Jamie Foxx as Electro and Paul Giamatti as the Rhino.

It is not know if Osborne turns into the Green Goblin but we do know that he’ll play a mentor to Peter Parker with villianous motives.

The original Spider-Man 3 suffered because there were too many villians in the story. My only hope rests on the fact that the script is being written by Star Trek scribes, Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci.

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Geek Movies At The Oscars

So how well did geek movies do at the Academy Awards. They did as well as geek movies do every year…not well. The main reason is that geek movies never get nominated, even though they earn the most money every year. Case in point…Marvel’s the Avengers.

Les Miserables

For you musical geeks, Les Miserables did very well, but some would say that it’s hardly a geek movie. Les Mis walked away with:

  • Best Actress – Anne Hathaway
  • Make-Up and Hairstyling
  • Sound Mixing

These are the categories, you’d expect a period musical to win.

James Bond

You could also argue the James Bond are geek movies because they are action films and in a way fantasy or over-the-top reality. Others would say no, because Bond gets a lot of women. Skyfall won two awards:

  • Best Song – Skyfall by Adele
  • Sound Editing (Tied)


The Walt Disney Company walked away with the most Oscars for a movie company.

  • Animated Short – Paperman
  • Animated Feature Film – Brave
  • Lead Actor – Daniel Day Lewis – Lincoln
  • Production Design – Lincoln

The Geek Past

There are winners who have a dark geek past.

  • Director – Ang Lee – Hulk
  • Lead Actress – Jennifer Lawrence – Mystique – X-Men: First Class

Geek film have not done well since Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

First – Marvel NOW!



I’m pretty intrigued by this whole Marvel NOW! campaign. Today Marvel brings us First.

This is their teaser:

Begin with the best super heroes in comics–Marvel does it first!

Huge story coming soon to fans, worldwide.

More on

Honestly, my only guess on this one is the obvious. This title is going to be big and involve everyone. Maybe, this will be a Marvel Universe origins story.

Avenging Spider-Man #17Here’s the pull list for this week.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 – Normally I don’t buy 0.1 issues but there’s a lot of hype surrounding the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book and movie. If you’re going to make a 0.1 on a new title, it really has to pay off as exciting.
  • Uncanny X-Men #2 – Magneto is now a mole for S.H.I.E.L.D. Can’t wait to see how he tries to take down Cyclops.
  • FF #4 – I love what Matt Fraction is doing with the Fantastic Four. I’m also not a fan of Michael Allred. I just don’t get why people like his style.
  • Avengers Arena #5 – Action, Action, Action. Finally this title has some action.
  • Hawkeye #8 – Fraction is just killing it with another title. This series will show you just how cool Hawkeye is.
  • Avenging Spider-Man #17 – I’m digging the Doc Ock version of this title. Can’t wait to see what he does to the Future Foundation.

Disneyland has another special event for Annual Passholders this Wednesday. A special screening of Peter Pan (available on Blu-ray™ and HD Digital for the first time) plus an additional 2 hours — after Park closing — to enjoy select Fantasyland attractions!

The Peter Pan and Fantasyland extra hours event will be held this Wednesday, February 27, 2013. You can select one of five screenings of Peter Pan at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m., and 7 p.m.

Disneyland Park closes at 8 p.m. to regular guests while select Fantasyland attractions will remain open to registered Annual Passholders until 10 p.m. Participating passholders will have access to:

  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Snow White’s Scary Adventures
  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
  • Pinocchio’s Daring Journey
  • King Arthur Carousel
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Casey Jr. Circus Train
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds

Annual Passholders must register, in person, on the day of the event. Registration will take place in front of the Main Street Opera house beginning at 10 a.m. All guests must present a valid Annual Passport to register. Once registered, guests will receive a wristband that will permit entry to the movie screening, as well as to the open Fantasyland attractions.

Geek Lab attending the Mulan screening and arrived for the 7 pm screening at 6 pm and did not have problem getting tickets.